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We can change your basement into whatever you want. Maybe it is just a minor change or perhaps some waterproofing. Or maybe you are looking at fully modifying your basement and turning it into the prize of your home.

We provide:

• Basement waterproofing
• Structural modifications
• Integrating plumbing, heating and electrical
• Refurbishment and decorating of basements

The main reason basement conversions are really growing in popularity is because, unlike attic conversions, basements are normally closer to other communal areas and can be more versatile living spaces that suit modern lifestyles, not just extra bedrooms, bathrooms or studies.

AMB Contractor provides team of qualified tradesmen for Basement Conversions. A Basement (or cellar) conversion with outside entry requires every type of skill, starting from the architect and structural engineer to the reinforcement of the structure of the property to installing the final lighting and finally doing the paint touch-ups at the end.

Basement Waterproofing

For homeowners that actually have basements it's no secret that it can be a constant struggle with water and moister. Because basements are primarily underground, they have to deal with run off rain water as well as underground water that doesn't drain away from your home. If your basement isn't properly protected this water can seep into your basement and cause some serious damage.

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Proper drainage is key to keeping your home's basement free of water and moisture. To ensure this happens you have to install a proper drainage system. This includes digging around the outside of your home to install piping and proper run off systems. The interior of your basement must also be worked on. Again the concrete can be drilled and dug up from around the entire edge of your basement walls. From there rocks are laid down to help allow water to properly flow away from under your home and topped off with waterproof plastic and concrete.

Once properly waterproofed by a skilled basement contractor, you will no longer have to check the basement every time it rains. Sump pumps are also installed to help remove water from area's that cannot drain correctly. Experienced basement waterproofing contractors will know exactly how to solve all of your leaking and flooding problems. Sit down with a few basement contractors to discuss the entire process and you'll have a better understanding of exactly how everything will work. Having the peace of mind that your home's foundation is in top shape is priceless.