Siding Replacement & Installation Projects

New siding can give your home's exterior a facelift rather quickly. It also helps to protect your most valuable investment - your home.

Vinyl Siding

First introduced in the 1950's, vinyl siding was an alternative to aluminum and wood siding. Because of its impact resistance and durability as well as its low maintenance level, vinyl siding has become very popular in the exterior cladding market, especially with homeowners in the United States and Canada.

This traditional siding alternative can be dyed almost any color, along with shaped to any pattern, giving homeowners a plethora of choices for their home. Vinyl siding is less-likely to get knocked up than aluminum siding, and it doesn't require frequent painting like wood siding. Consider vinyl siding to give your house a new look.

Vinyl siding can provide advantages over other exterior cladding materials, Here are some advantages related to its specific attributes and characteristics.


• Vinyl siding is very durable.
• It will last a long time when properly maintained.
• It will not fade.
• It will not rust.
• It does not dent easily.
• Vinyl siding provides a supplemental rain screen.
• It is designated as a water-resistant barrier.Properly installed vinyl siding is designed to let the material underneath it breathe.
• As long as the siding has been properly installed, maintenance is very simple, limited mostly to spray-washing once a year or whenever   necessary.